Had our Accord for 2 years, fell behind on payments due to medical issues and having to go on FML. Wouldn't work with us, customer service reps were rude and just kept asking for payment.

Even after my husband told customer service we didn't want to lose the car and just needed them to work with us because of our situation, they were still rude and kept asking for money. When we said we didn't have the money at this time, they asked if we could borrow it from a family member. Really? We are going to just give the car back and deal with consequences.

They will not work with anyone going through a hardship no matter what your payment history is or how much up you communicate with them!

We will never buy a Honda again! Worst experience ever!

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California, United States #951773

Sounds like typical excuses for people not wanting to pay their bills. If your excuses are legitimate, how are they to know?

There are insurance plans you can set up for yourself for situations exactly like the one you're describing, where you'll be paid when there is a family emergency situation that takes you out of work or you have sudden medical expenses, where your bills would be paid. Take responsibility for yourself and quit acting like anyone owes you anything for your financial irresponsibility.

Everyone in the world has medical problems at one point or another, you're no different. Pay your bills.

to Anonymous Rochester, New York, United States #964039

Really Honda? Jesus...

I mean get a life. I can't believe how many obvious "anonymous" comments there are on here telling people to take responsibility and to stop whining. It's the most thinly veiled attempt to disparage consumers ever.

Anyone with a brain can see that this is some loser collections agent that is on here attempting to make consumers look like trash.


Put yourself in their shoes. You talk to hundreds of people a day who are behind on their payments.

Do you believe all of the excuses and let them slide? Let them drive and depreciate the car for another 6 months?

You signed an agreement, and by not paying, you didn't keep up your end of the agreement.

Any car company would do the same thing.

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