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I brought my Honda from Gillman Honda 59 S & BW 8 Houston, TX October 2009. Two days later, I got a call from the sales man saying the deal didn't go thru. I asked for my trade in back and the dealership played "Let's make a deal for a couple days before coming back with something else I turned down. Because they couldn't possibly give me back my car after they ripped out the stereo system and speakers, they came up with a 4% apr for 4 years at $450 a month... sounded good.

Now, I'm 31 years old, I've had 5 cars in my life and financed 3 of them, and successfully paid off 2 of the cars I've ever financed. I've done my best to pay for everything like I'm supposed to and do the right thing as far as home and bills are concerned. Bills before fun!!!

Three months after that I brought this car lost my job and fell 2 months behind before moved back home with my mother. I found work but it paid monthly. My first check was for $1500... I sent them $1400. Every month after that I sent them anywhere from $600-$950 a month. All while being unemployed and on unemployment, without asking anyone for a dime or extension or differment.

I'm now working, getting paid weekly and sending them money every week, but because they are smaller weekly payments and not large monthly payments its an issue and they want their car back. No negotiation, no explaination... just instant repo.

Let's do the math here. The note each month is $450. I send you 1 payment of $350 a week. There's 4 weeks in the month. That's $1400!! well over the amount I owe. I understand I was late and all, but if I'm calling you from a western union as you requested, you could see the bigger picture of taking the payment. Especially if it totals more than what you requested total in the first place!!!!!!

I've tried even working with their attorney who is a bigger liar than they are. However, if you close a loan and don't tell the person it's closed and they keep making payments, you should send back their money from the date of closure, take your car back and not hold that person responsible for everything after that... afterall, I caught up before the loan was closed, and you never once rejected a payment. Messed up huh?

I understand, the economy and job market nationwide is just part of it... but if you make everyone who buys a honda mad at you and they all drive Nissan... well you do the math. Keep this up and no one will drive a honda!

I've since been blessed to finance another car... Nissan 350Z & I love it & I'm much happier with my new finance company's customer service.

Review about: Honda Financial Services Loan.

Monetary Loss: $22500.

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