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Medical expenses for my 85 year old mother and 3 previously bad sales years caused me to file bankruptcy in May 07. In doing so, I reaffirmed on an auto loan with Honda Financial.Also, during this time period I changed from a regular bank to my company's credit union continuing to make payments to Honda. Apparently during the banking switch one of my car payments did not go through. I still am unable to figure out exactly what happened, however my CU does not send notices to keep costs down to its members. I was totally unaware of the missed Honda payment until I got a collection call from Honda in late October 07, telling me I was one payment past due. I told the collection rep I had not missed any payments and that she must be mistaken. She said "oh, I see now that the missed payment is actually from June. I said June, its now late October. She said that because of the bankruptcy they were not allowed to contact me about any payments. I asked couldn't you even send a written notice?? She said they were not allowed to send statements during that time period. My discharge date was October 07. I told the Honda collection rep that I would try to pay extra to cover the arrears, but under the circumstances of trying to get current on 2 student loans and my mortgage payment, I doubt that I could come up with and extra car payment that quickly. I was already working 2 jobs to get caught up. The collection rep said that she was sorry but that the collection calls would escalate.Escalate they did. Honda proceeded to dun me at work and at home. I finally had to ask them not to call me at work. I was sending extra on the missed June payment to get it caught up. I planned to pay the remaining arrears in March 08 with my upcoming bonus check from a good sales year. Shortly after I asked them to stop calling me at work -"Shanita" at Honda repossed the vehicle for not even one complete payment!! Mind you I had been trying to pay extra on the payment since I was notified of it in October 07.The recovery center for Ohio is in Elgin, Il. Calling there to find out about the whereabouts of the vehicle was an exercise in futility. I asked for a supervisor and got Christa-ext 4084.

I have never, ever been spoken to so harshly and treated so rudely before in my life. As traumatic as this was already, "Christa told me that this was my fault and that I needed to pay my bills. I told her for gods sake the payment was from June and I didn't know anything about it until October she replied "they are under no obligation to let me know anything". It is my responsibility. She was nasty and augumentative.The recovery rep Lisa Howard was just as bad. Her replies to my questions made me feel like I was on Mission Impossible. The day they picked up the car I was on my way to make a payment (which I always Money Wire) I asked this rep "how do I get my car back"? she said well I cant tell you anything until I get the file back from the rep who repossed it, but it should be by the end of the business day. But she added---it wont be just for the amount that's past due. Okay, by now I've missed one days work from my full time and part time jobs-no car.My "right to cure" the default totalled 2269.72. One partial payment, one regular payment (that I was ready to pay) $25 of the $325 repo costs (the rest added to the end of my loan) plus 2 additional security payments. Also, the regular March payment would be due as scheduled---GRAND TOTAL 2839.24. Excessive amounts by anyone's measure. When I asked Ms. Howard if we could reduce these amounts and work something out- She replied"you have no options". If you dont pay it your car will be sold. Do these reps eat bones for breakfast?I have told everyone and anyone who would listen to me not to ever buy a Honda vehicle and certainly not to finance it through Honda financial.This is predatory treatment at best. If I intended not to pay for the vehicle I would not have reaffirmed on it. Do you know how many offers you receive to buy a brand new car directly after bankruptcy?? It is easier than pie. My car purchase was a 2006 used Honda.

I am still numb and reeling from the treatment I have received, this outrageous no option "right to cure" plan and for being talked to and treated like ***.What I no for sure is they have lost the potential interest on this loan for good. When I get the car back it will be refinanced with lightening quick speed.

No one deserves to be treated this way.Do not use Honda Financial. I am still reeling from this As soon

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Monetary Loss: $3339.

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i agree totally heartless inhuman people they lie /and do anything to benefit themselves .i lost13,000 dollars plus the car /because THEY JUST DONT CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY CAN ALL GO TO ***


My vehicle is currently financed through Honda and unlike most of the others, I've had a wonderful experience with Honda.I will say that I pay my bill on time, every month.

However, one instance I knew I would be late so I called them to make sure they were aware I would be making the late payment. The rep told me I actually had a pretty large grace period and if I couldn't make the payment by the grace period I would simply incur a late fee, I believe it was $20. Well, I ended up paying later than expected and incurred the late fee.

I called Honda to see if they could waive the fee and sure enough the rep removed the fee and I simply paid my standard payment.Honda has been good to me.


Maybe I'm an exception. I've had my car financed through Honda financial for three years. In that time, I've heard not one word from them. Probably has something to do with the fact that I pay my payment on time, in full, every month.

The people thinking its "illegal" to repo unless you're three months behind? Seriously? It's called a due date for a reason. If you're late, you're in default.

The people who only have two or three payments left also make me laugh. Should Honda just not worry about the last few payments? 57 payments should be considered "close enough"?

Everyone has fallen on some hard times, but that doesn't mean it's anyone's fault but your own that you can't pay your car payment. If I lose my job tomorrow, I've got money in savings to ensure that I do t have an issue.

to There's a simple way to avoid Santa Rosa, California, United States #579674

if people missing 2 or 3 payments because of hardship and end up losing their car makes you laugh, then you must work for a bank or some other financial institution. you are one of those ***!


What ever you do, don't use Honda Finance.If you have any chance of falling behind on payments, they are the worst I've ever heard of.

In my case, I was behind one payment and the rudest person I've ever talked to called. "Mrs Barnes" talked to my wife and put my her tears. I also should mention that the *one* payment we were past due on was the second to the last one on our loan. When she first called, it was 5 minutes before they closed on a Saturday and she left a message demanding we call them and tell them where they "could pick up their car today." It wasn't even 30 days behind at the time, but the loan term was a week away.

When my wife called her on Monday "Mrs Barnes" said she would not extent the loan at all (as we had been told to ask by another rep,) and accused my wife of lying to her about what I had been told. On top of that, I called back later in the day and found out that "Mrs Barnes" was all of the sudden "our rep" and there was nothing anyone else could do. I paid the loan off in total that day. I've purchased more than a hundred thousand dollars worth of cars from Honda in the last ten years.

This one is my *last*.

No problems with the cars.Lots of problems with the single most unprofessional collectors I've ever talked to.


Honda finacial services is horrible!I allowed someone to borrow my vehicle who had an accident in it.

She agreed to make payments but later stopped. Once contacted by Honda I found out she was two months behind. I contacted her and explained to Honda that the car was towed and she did not know where. I was harassed by different agents and even TEXT by one saying "your time is running out, we don't believe the story you told and we need to hear from you by end of business day!" one rep told me to make the two months payment by the following Friday and another said by the following Monday.

I kept getting different deadlines. I finally made the two months payment. A month later I located the car and spent 5000 to get it repaired. The last rep said " I see we're the car has been in an accident, and I understand your issue" I told her I had made the payment Amount reared and she put me on hold but never returned.

I got no more calls or letters from Honda and continued making payments. While out to dinner with my family my car was repoed from the parking lot. It has my jewelry in it and most importantly my work equipment. Honda has been giving me run around all day and talking to me as if I were a carjacker.

They said my car should've been taken off the repo list but however they keep putting me on hold or transferring me to people who don't know anything.

I will never again trust Honda and I am telling every one about them.I have 9...

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Been trying to contact recovery about my honda.reposessed last month by fincncial.

Owe about 2,ooo. they said they would work with me due to work lay offs and crisis when my house was robbed in October. Received no grace period or extension and would like to work on reclaiming my car. Please email at yoko.ueshiro@yahoo.com.

Plz txt me at 347-650-5902.Thank you

Oposhnya, Poltavs'ka Oblast', Ukraine #371580

my 2005 accord was repossessed on 11/05/2011, sunday morning.I had to wait until monday morning to call them since there closed on sundays and they told me that i had to call back after 3 pm with the information about where my car was and how much it would cost to get it back.

So i called at 3 on the dot and they had my information, at first they said i owed the remainder of my loan including repo fees and service charges which added up to $6,355. But i asked the rep if there was any other options to get my car back. he asked me why i fell behind on my payments, i told him why, (i've been working temp jobs on and off the last two years since i was laid off froma job of 5 years) he said okay you have to fill out an exceptance application, meaning they will except just this one time to allow me to just pay the arrears and repo fees. I filled out the app, which included my address, 3 references, they needed a copy of my utility bill to verify where i lived, a letter stating why i fell behind and my last two paystubs.

I faxed it to them at 7:30 am the next day. I gave them time to look it over and called them at 10 am. They said my app was approved and that i had to western union them $1,345.63, which included my past due balance, and repo fees. I get paid thsi friday and will send them the money then and pick up my car.

I will have to pay the stoarge lot there daily fee of $30. But all in all the reps where very nice and understanding. I think if you...

Its my fault i got behind, and until the car is paid off and the title is in my hand they have the right to get the car if i default on my loan.

I was heartbroken watching my car get takin away but am very very grateful they are working with me to get it back.I am sorry for those of you who where unable to get your car back.

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My mother is 64, widowed, lost her job, and now lost her unemployment.She is 2 months behind on her car payment.

They sent the repo man to the house today. Lucky for mom, I am hiding the car. I went online to make the payment tonight for her b/c I don't trust their site to post date things as they once took money prior to my authorization date - and her loan info is gone!

Tomorrow will be a fun day...I am calling them.

to Annoyed #695023

they purposely lock you out of the "easy pay" on line site so you CANNOT make a payment because they WANT you to default so they can repo your car.They are nothing more than theives.

I simply cannot believe our government is letting them get away with this behavior. Our country is worse off than I thought. Get a shotgun everyone.

And lots of ammunition.Protect yourselves from criminals like this.

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