Here is a photo of the repo mans license plate which says it all. Can't we stop Honda Finance from giving thieves free access to our property for their own financial gain (Being able to sell already paid off cars at auction AND collect fees from the person who had their car stolen)? Why is our attorney general, better business bureau and police force allowing this behavior to continue?

Honda Finance purposely does not answer phone calls or respond to efforts to remedy a situation in an effort to give more business to the repo men and more profit to themselves.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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What exactly is Honda Financial doing wrong? You didn't have your car stolen- technically, since THEY own the car and you're buying it from them, THEY had it stolen since you're not paying so all they're doing is getting their property back.

Sounds like you don't understand how auto loans work.

Some people just shouldn't be allowed to take out loans, and you are one of them. Pay your bills.

Laurens, South Carolina, United States #696922

My car was not paid off, and was only 15 days late with Honda Finance. I lost everything I owned in a house fire and they told me they could not differ a payment or anything.

After I called to ask, I woud always get a voice mail, and then on day 15 a tow truck showed up and took the car. He told us if we didn't fight and just gave him the keys, we could bring the car current in the morning and get the car back. So, I called and Honda says, "If my car was repossessed it is not in their computer system yet", I have called everyday for 5 days and get the same response. The repo agent whom picked the car up never reported it to law enforcement, as is state law to do in our state.

I can not cancel the insurance without the tag, and need my belongings out but NO ONE NOT EVEN HONDA knows where the car is. Since when I explained to the police that I gave the man the keys, they said all they could do is file BREACH OF TRUST, and since the car was not reported as repod to LE, if I find it I can get it back. I have NEVER experienced this.

No late notice, no letter saying if you don't pay we will take it. To make matters worse I owed 12 payments on a 6 year loan....Just so fustrated and don't know what to do, so YES I feel your pain and believe you!

to KMSW Tukwila, Washington, United States #698116

I did get a reply from the attorney general of my state, but I am not hopeful. In spite of over 10 years of complaints against this company and more than 3 class action suits which were WON against Honda Finance, our government continues to let them get away with highway robbery.

I am really sorry this happened to you. I fear that by the time you find your car it will already be sold at auction, they move very fast, a few weeks. Honda knows where your car is, they just won't tell you. The repo man has a contract with them and they gave him your address and where to find your car.

You might try talking to a bankruptcy lawyer, they usually consult for free. Believe me, they do all of this on purpose. They will block your phone # so that you cannot reach them. I suggest making all your phone calls from the finance office of the dealership you bought your car from, and have them document everything.

I hope this goes to a class action suit. I am so sorry this happened to you.

Tukwila, Washington, United States #695299

Nice comment. I have all the documentation to prove that I DID pay off my car.

I was sitting right there in my bankers office with the cancelled check showing on his screen when Honda on the phone said 'we never recieved your check". When I passed the phone to the banker who said he was looking at the cancelled cashiers check they said "oh, right, yea, it must have been a different customer'. My documentation is all at the attorney generals office and the better business bureau. So - essentially, what you are saying here, is that if you get some gold crown fillings on your tooth, and I choose to freeze out your account so you can't prove you paid it, I can break into your home, and pull out the teeth I put In?

Or if I gave you a knee replacement, I can break into your home, cut off your leg and take my hardware back if MY billing system screwed up and did not document that you paid on time, or if you are a few days late on your payment. Is that what you are saying you think should happen. Wow. With an attitude like that no wonder Honda Finance gets away with highway robbery.

To be helpful to people on this site, Please do call or file on line a complaint to the attorney general and better business bureau. Please do make all your phone calls from your Honda Dealers office, because they will freeze your account and block calls from your phone associated with your account to "prove" that you are late on payments so they can repo your call, sell it at auction and continue to extort you for unending fees while damaging your credit. The are very unsavory, dishonest and rude. Believe me.

This whole ordeal only lasted a week. I got my car back (damaged by the repo man and fixed by my dealer). After being blocked from being able to call them after paying my CAR IN FULL. I had the finance officer from my dealer call them and they say they are sending me the title today.

I'll believe it when I see it.

Do not delay, you must work FAST to get your car back when they steal it. The police will not help you.


Try paying your car note and QUIT FABRICATING!!!!!!!!They dont repo your car if you really paid it off CLOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin

to Anonymous #930263

Yes they do. Hard to believe but I was blind-sided and financially destroyed by HF.

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