Wife helped her daughter by cosigning a lease in Nov 2012. In Jan 2013, daughter got pulled over for DUI.

Car was impounded by the city and we were told the judge would have to release it at the 1st hearing, which was in 2 weeks. He did release it, however, when we went to get it, we were told Honda financial had already came and took it. In talking with Honda, they said that the lease was considered in DEFAULT because the city had impounded the car.Even though ALL pays and INsurance were current, they said the only way to get the car back was to buy out the lease for 20,815.00, and we had 2 weeks to do that before it went to auction. We got finacecing arranged, but Honda refused to supply the new bank with any paperwork to verify that the title would be transfered to the new bank.

So we had to get the cash together in other ways. Any time I call it takes 2-3 days to get a return call. They have had the cashiers check for 2 days now, and I can't get a release to get the car from impound.

TERRIBLE SERVICE. Now my wife who had perfect credit will have a repo on her credit, even though we bought the car outright

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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #629708

Dude....your problem isn't with Honda Financial (read the lease contract fine print). Your issue is with the daughter for driving drunk.

Honda had every right to come get the car. On a lease, the car belongs to Honda Financial Services, not to the driver.


I think that's messed up, but honestly I can't help but think how I'm glad the kid is from behind the wheels.

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